On-line EQ training

What is EQ?

EQ is an abbreviation for “emotional intelligence index”, which is called “mental intelligence index” in Japan. The theory was first published in a paper in 1989 by Dr. Peter Salovey of Yale University and Dr. John Mayer of the University of New Hampshire in the United States. All behaviors, such as a person’s attitudes and sayings, are greatly influenced by one’s own emotional state. It is one ability that can be used effectively in these things, and this ability is possessed by everyone. The concept of EQ is that proper training can improve your ability.

According to Harvard’s report on success factors, the ratio of IQ and EQ in success is 1: 3, and the result shows that the EQ factor in success is three times the IQ factor. In other words, having IQ alone, which involves technical and knowledge aspects, one cannot do a job. You can see that EQ, which is the key to human power and the ability to control emotions, is greatly involved in the success of our work.


We have been conducting online trainings on “EQ” for overseas companies. For example, in 2020, we received a request from one of the big manufacturing companies in Cambodia with more than 1000 employees to conduct the EQ training. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our expert could not visit the company in Cambodia to teach the management team directly, but a series of training meetings had been held online over a period of 6 months. Participants were department managers of the said company. After attending the online meetings, all participants learned about the importance of EQ as well as steps to control emotions at work and in daily life. Participants were satisfied with the training, and most of them said they learnt a lot from the training and had developed themselves positively.

Training Content

There are four steps to controlling emotions.

The first step is “Identify”. “Identify” is the observation of one’s emotions by another calm self who has become emotional. You can never go to the second step without going through the step “Identify”. This is the most important step.

The second step is “Use”. There is a partner in emotional conflict. It is used to stand in the position of the other party. Shift from your own perspective to the perspective of the other party.

The third step is “Understand”. “Understand” is understanding why emotional conflicts are occurring. In other words, we think about the reason. You can imagine it. We imagine why they have such feelings.

The final step is “Adjust”. Your reason and the reason of the other party. Once you have reached the point where you can understand the two reasons, all you have to do is make adjustments. You can make any adjustment that you are comfortable with, each with your own ideas.

If you have a problem with your emotions, there needs a positive story to put down the negative emotions. Human beings can be satisfied if they can create their own story. It is to constantly remember these four steps and make them into an emotional circuit.

In the EQ training, participants came forward and wrote step by step.

Participant Questionnaire

After the 6-month training, we conducted a questionnaire.

The respondents were the department managers (19 people) of the above company.

Q. How was the training?

94% of the respondents answered that the training was “very good” and “good”.


Q. Did you understand the importance of emotional control in your work and life?

100% of the respondents answered “Understood very well” and “Understood”.


Q. Did you feel confident that you can use your emotional control methods in your work and life?

90% of the respondents answered that they were “very confident” or “confident”.


Voice of Participants


I was impressed by how the Japanese expert taught us and how he presented his ideas based on scientific evidences.


The content is very relevant and realistic. The technique is practical and feasible. I appreciate the instructor’s ability and honesty. The training is for everyone who wants a better life. For me, there is still a long way to go, so I will continue to work hard.


From the beginning of the training, I have reflected many things that happened in my life not only in my work life but also in my family. The wonderful message I got from this training is “Everyone can develop EQ”.


I am grateful that the instructor always treated us with passion and fairness to share his knowledge and experience to the trainees. The training methods and materials were easy to understand and acceptable.

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